A Guide To How to Get Rid of Hemorrhoids at Any Age

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You’re here for a fast way to both instantly relieve your hemorrhoid symptoms in the short term (like now) and to get rid of them altogether in the long term so let’s look at the short term first.

If it’s of any comfort by the way, everyone has hemorrhoids! When you go to the toilet and you strain even slightly to expel your stools, blood vessels in the rectum are pressured and stressed.

For many of us no pain or anything comes of it but for others, the blood vessels react by swelling up and it’s then you start to experience the really unpleasant nature of hemorrhoids also known as piles.

In this article I’ll give you the cheapest, most popular, reliable and fast acting home remedy not just to relieve you of your piles symptoms but which offers you a long term cure as well when combined with the right diet.

Then we’ll look at the best over the counter (OTC) treatments and medications proven to gain you some instant respite when your discomfiture become unbearable.

Finally we’ll look at some well known proven to work prescription medicines your doctor will most likely give you if you decide get some medical advice especially where the condition has become chronic and lastly at your surgical options for the worst possible cases….

Get Rid of Hemorrhoids Fast and Permanently – Whats Best?

Hemorrhoids is such an embarrassment to many that we don’t even want our doctor to know about!

This is why there is such a demand for hemorrhoid home remedies that work and one treatment which works very well to mute the pain and itching is to take a sitz bath regularly.

As home remedies go, it’s one of the best and most reliable ways to treat and rid yourself of piles quickly and permanently and may help healing providing you change your eating habits at the same time, a sitz bath on its own won’t cure you.

Even doctors will recommend a sitz bath. And not just for piles but for women who’ve recently given birth and medical conditions like anal fissures for instance.

So what’s a sitz?

It’s basically a tub in which you can bathe while in a sitting position and a sitz bath is where you sit with your hip and bottom immersed in warm water. If you don’t know what one looks like click this link.

hemorrhoid sitz bath soak
Sitz Bath for Hemorrhoids

So why is a sitz bath great for soothing your hemorrhoid symptoms?

Because a sitz bath treatment is so easy for one thing! All you need is the physical sitz bath itself and water.

While you can use just water with nothing added, doctors may also sometimes prescribe or recommend other additives to put in the water depending on severity of the condition.

Once such additive is povidone-iodine for example, well know for having antibacterial properties. Other possible additives are table salt, baking soda and vinegar all of which can help to soothe the condition.

The therapeutic effect of sitting in or over a few inches of water or moist heat for short periods (15 to 20 minutes up to three times a day) is increased blood flow throughout the rectal region (or more pointedly the anus area) which promotes fast hemorrhoid pain relief from soreness and inflammation.

You don’t have to buy a sitz bath. You could just as easily use a normal bath tub, fill it with water at a mild temperature (and enough to cover your genital area) then simply climb in and sit in it to achieve the same result..

After that use a very soft towel or flannel to gently pat the area dry or better still, a hair dryer.

To Get rid of hemorhoids in the long term you need to address the very real and over riding issue of diet and we’ll do that right now!

Hemorrhoids and Diet – The Real Permanent Cure

soluble-insoluable fibre-constipation
Constipation Diet Fruit and Veg

Whether you’re suffering from internal or external hemorrhoids, you avoid hemorrhoids altogether by avoiding constipation altogether.

It’s really that simple in most cases because the only other reasons for getting hemorrhoids in the first place is pregnancy or as a result of the side effects of medication taken for other heath issues.

So in most cases you avoid constipation by avoiding foods that are well know for bringing on constipation and bloating in the first place.

I’m talking about constipating foods that have a reputation for “binding” up as opposed to foods that “loosen”.

Food that are known for binding up include dairy products like cheese, butter, milk and ice cream. Also to be avoided are red meat, chips and all fried foods as well as cookies, bananas and the like.

So wholesale junk food rejection is a must if you want to have a bowel movement that’s regular and consistent and having done that…

Start drinking plenty of water immediately! And do it throughout the day.

It’s the principal way you have to keep your stools soft and easy to pass without overly straining.

Over doing the straining is the number one cause of the ruptured veins, swollen blood vessels and bleeding in and around the anus area associated with hemorrhoids.

A high fiber intake is the other way nature has of softening your stools, allowing the easy passage of waste matter though your digestive tract where it ends up being stored in and expelled from your rectum.

Foods that “loosen” contains a lot of fiber. Beans abound with fiber as does vegetables, fruit, wholegrain bread and cereals of course.

If you are not able to take in enough fiber from these sources then you’ll need to take a fiber supplement.

Hemorrhoids & Exercise

exercises to prevent hemorrhoids
Exercise Helps Keep Colon More Regular

Exercise can’t cure hemorrhoids.

Where it is useful – like water and fiber intake – is in preventing the constipation which can result in hemorrhoids.

The medical viewpoint is that high impact aerobic exercise helps to prevent your digestive system from “clogging up” so to speak. Even just going for a power walk every day is very good for avoiding constipation.


The real secret of how to get rid of hemorrhoids in a huge majority of cases, comes down to the consistent application of a simple sitz bath home remedy and an anti-constipation dietary regime.

Your condition will clear.

How fast it does so simply comes down to how determined and consistent you are!

When it comes to natural home remedies for piles relief and even helping to cure piles it does not come any more cheaper, natural or simple than a sitzt bath!

But it’s not the only natural home remedy out there.

If you want to know of a few others also held in high regard which you might want to try, read on…

Hemorrhoids – Ice and Easy Instant Relief

ice cube on hemorrhoids
Ice For Instant Hemorrhoid Relief

Ice cubes on hemorrhoids? You wouldn’t think so would you…

But when your hemorrhoid symptoms are driving you mad and the pain and irritation brings you close to tears, reach for some ice either chipped or in the form of ice cubes and enjoy some near instant relief.

How to treat piles with ice

Ice is used to relieve the pain, itching and swelling associated with hemorrhoids because it not only numbs and anaesthetizes the anal area as you might expect, it also acts to reduce the irritation and inflammation very quickly at the same time.

Even if you’re suffering from enlarged hemorrhoids, treatment in the form of an ice pack will work wonders but what you don’t want to do is apply the ice directly to the area.

Instead, first wrap the ice in a soft cloth like a flannel or wash cloth and then apply it. keep it in place for as long as you need although up to around twenty minutes is long enough and you can do this for up to three times daily.

Can ice do more than just give you temporary relief? Can it help to shrink hemorrhoids for example?

Well, any action you take that cuts down the blood supply to hemorrhoids will result in them reducing in size. This is the “shrinking” we’re talking about.

And shrinking is what applying an ice pack to the affected area actually does but, it’s more of a relief therapy than a long term cure.

Best Fast Acting Home Remedies for Hemorrhoid Relief

cold milk with lemon for piles
Lemon Juice and Milk for Hemorrhoids Relief

The prevailing opinion is that extracting the juice from a lemon (preferably organic) and mixing and drinking it on an empty stomach every four hours with a cup of warm milk (for quick results) reportedly works well in over eighty five percent of cases.

This mixture does have the appearance of curd by the way which is not to everyone’s liking so have a cup of warm water on stand by to help wash it down!

How does it work?

In the majority of cases, hemorrhoids can be traced back to constipation and it’s the constipation aspect the lemon plus milk combination works on to bring about hemorrhoid relief.

It softens the stool considerably which makes bowel movement smoother and easier and with less straining (which pressures blood vessels tremendously and ultimately causes hemorrhoids) cures piles

In the long term, the nutrients contained in a lemon (like citric acid, vitamin C and various other proteins) work to strengthen the walls of blood vessels which further helps to prevents piles from forming in the first place.

The science behind this can only be described as vague but there is no doubting the practical evidence that it appears to help. The good thing about lemons as treatment for piles is that you can use it internally and externally.

Soaking a soft cloth in lemon juice and applying it to the affected area gets you fast pain relief but be prepared for the initial sting that may last for around a minute before you become pain free.

Aloe Vera

While Aloe Vera is noted for it’s curative action in addressing hemorrhoid flare ups, it has to be said that the medical evidence to support this claim is sketchy. This is nearly always the case with natural home remedies.

On the ground however, the anecdotal evidence suggests that Aloe Vera and Aloe Vera gel in particular, while not considered a cure for piles, is very effective as a topical treatment for fast hemorrhoid relief.

How Does Aloe Vera Work?

Pure Aloe Vera gel consists of mostly water with glycoproteins and polysaccharides as ingredients.

Glycoprotein is noted for its inflammation and pain reduction properties while polysaccharides’s own properties are to do with skin care and repair.

Together they act to boost your body’s ability to repel bacterial infection in and around the area of both the anus and the rectum.

To use it all you have to do is place a modest amount of Aloe Vera on the tips of two fingers and gently massage it into your rectum.

Again, while not considered a permanent cure, Aloe Vera gel can certainly mitigate the effects of hemorrhoids and provide on going relief while you search out a treatment that can provide a more permanent solution.

Witch Hazel – Hemorrhoids Benefits

Witch Hazel is a broad leaf twisted shrub that in the late fall and winter blossoms with masses of pleasant smelling bright yellow flowers.

Known for its piles symptoms crushing capabilities, knowledge of it goes way back deep into native American history.

And in fact, as a homeopathic medicine, it’s well know for its curative properties in all kinds of illnesses and affliction.

As ever the science says all the claims made for it are somewhat dubious and unproven for the most part but the anecdotal and historical evidence says otherwise so on that basis it’s worth your time and attention.

In use, get hold of some witch hazel extract and apply it as a lukewarm and soggy compress at least twice daily. Morning and bedtimes are best.

When used to treat hemorrhoids, Witch Hazel is often blended with Horse Chestnut.

And just so you know and for the sake of completeness, the pure essential oil of Witch Hazel cannot be bought as a consumer product over the counter or anywhere else.

This is because the plant does not produce enough essential oil to make production economically viable.

This is why you’ll discover that what is referred to as Witch Hazel is not the essential oil itself but various distillates of Witch Hazel called hydrosols or hydrolats.


As you can see, other home remedies that are highly thought of and considered fast acting and effective are out there.

Just remember that our individual body chemistries are as unique as our fingerprints so what may work extraordinarily well for you may not have the same results for me.

The bottom line is, we may end up having to try out a number of these alternative approaches before we find one that will work for us.

We have looked at home remedies as a source of constipation relief but if you want something that may possibly act more quickly and bring about faster results then an over the counter remedy is your last stop before going to see your doctor…

Best Over the Counter Hemorrhoid Solutions

You’ll go to your local drug store or pharmacy instead of straight to your doctor if you’re still only experiencing mild discomfort.

The over-the-counter (OTC) solutions comes in the form of pads, creams, ointments or suppositories with the main active ingredients being lidocaine in most cases.

These products also contain ingredients such as Witch Hazel, or hydrocortisone acitate cream, pramoxine hydrochloride (anesthetic) and as I have said, lidocaine amongst others and most all of them work by relieving pain, itching and so on through the shrinking of blood vessels to some degree.

In use it’s generally considered unwise to use over the counter medication for more than 7 days because some of the ingredients in these products acts to thin the skin. So if the problem remain unresolved for more than 7 days go and see your doctor.

Amongst all the brand names, the ones that carry huge reputations are Preparation H, Hydrocortisone Cream, Tronolane and Alleviate. The most talked about in terms of positive buyer experience is Tronolane.

The newest in terms of a fast building reputation for instant relief and effectiveness is Burt’s Bees Res Q Ointment.

Want a more natural approach to hemorrhoid and anal itching?

Burt’s Bees has received oceans of positive comments for its Res Q Ointment treatment whose astonishing list of natural ingredients would get an approving nod from any self respecting master herbalist.

But don’t take my word for it, read what its buyers have to say here

By the way, it’s extremely wise to read the labelling on these medications very carefully especially if you are a pregnant or nursing mom or you’re someone on medication for a current medical conditions.

Preparation H for example is a hemorrhoid cream which contains phenylephrine a decongestant drug which works to shrink blood vessels while Hydrocortisone Cream (also available as a foam or suppository) reduces redness and soreness and in all of its forms is used by insertion into the rectum.

This concludes the section on over then counter medicines, medicines which offer a temporary relief for the most part but no real possibility seemingly of a permanent cure which is nearly always the way with over the counter medication.

It’s when your condition becomes particularly painful or chronic that medical advice has to be sought for sure and this is, generally speaking, where home remedies and over the counter meds may have to take a back seat.

Once your doctor has diagnosed and confirmed your condition and the degree to which it has degenerated lets say, then he or she will be in a position to then prescribe a treatment.

So let’s look at what that may be…

Hemorrhoid Prescription Medication

OK, you’re done with the home remedies and all the creams and ointments available at your local drugstore and you’ve been to your doctor for some more (hopefully) potent prescription medication.

There are more prescription medications available from your doctor than you can shake a stick at.

But the tried, tested, recommended and well ahead of the pack on reputation are Anusol HC and Protocourt.

Anusol HC

Anusol (more popularly known as hydrocortisone acetate) comes both as a cream and as a suppository.

It’s really down to you which form you take from your doctor.

It’s your experience using the cream form of other similar medications in the past as well as the actual location of your hemorrhoids which will probably decide the outcome.

In action, hydrocortisone works by muting the activity of the cells and chemical actions responsible for the swelling, itching, inflammation and pain in the anal area.

Generally, what your doctor will prescribe will always be more powerful than the over the counter version.

In this case the hydrocortisone acetate contains a more powerful dose of corticosteroids.

Corticosteroids is the active ingredient primarily responsible for soothing the most irritating and painful symptoms associated with an hemorrhoids outbreak.

Anusol HC in its suppository form is usually preferred by sufferers.

The relief from the symptoms of hemorrhoids lasts longer with a suppository because of the gradual release of the medication over time.

In the end, it’s all down to personal preference.


Just behind Anusol HC in popularity comes Proctocort. The principal ingredient of this medication is hydrocortisone.

Proctocort comes as a cream and provides relief from hemorrhoids by addressing the itching, swelling and inflammation going on in your rectum and anus.

As a suppository, you use proctocort (as directed by your doctor) in the rectum around two or three times a day.

How much you use and for how long you use it depends on the severity of your condition and how well your body respond to the drug.

Ultimately, drugs like Anusol, Proctocort and prescription drugs of a similar nature (and hydrocortisone based) act to reduce swelling and it’s this one action that has a knock-on effect in reducing the other symptoms associated with piles.

Reduced swelling means a hemorrhoid that’s shrinking and in so doing much of the itching, pain, irritation and general discomfort it was producing shrinks with it.

The hydrocortisone found in Proctocort and similar prescription medications reduces swelling which in turn reduces the other major symptoms of piles. For more information on Proctocort go here to learn more.

Now we have looked at the common medication available under prescription lets now look at the surgical options available, especially when the condition has become chronic…

Hemorrhoid Surgery Options

External hemorrhoid thrombectomy Procedure

A thrombectomy is a surgical procedure used where a patient has developed thrombosed hemorrhoids.

Now there are two types of hemorrhoids, internal and external.

The internal ones are actually inside your rectum (where your fecies or waste matter is stored prior to being expelled) and the external ones are those around your anus.

Thrombosed hemorrhoids are of the external variety.

They are so called because they have zero blood flow due to a blood clot having been developed in the supply vein inside the hemorrhoid itself.

The patient can be in extreme pain because of it and can sometimes barely walk or even sit. Topical over the counter medication or home remedies are of no help in this case.

A thrombectomy is where your doctor can, with a very simple procedure, remove the clot which usually offers prompt relief for the patient.

Hemorrrhoid Removal – Rubber Band Ligation

Also called “rubber banding”, this is not exactly surgery but its close enough to be placed in this area of the article.

Rubber band ligation has been around for a long time and is now a proven, reliable and common way to get rid of hemorrhoids when over the counter treatments or home remedies have (quite unusually) done nothing for you whatsoever.

It’s an invasive technique that’s very minimal in that a rubber band is used to tie the base of the hemorrhoid in such a way so as to cuts off blood flowing into the hemorrhoid.

Starved of blood in this manner the hemorrhoid literally falls off around 7 days later.

Other minimally invasive procedures

For hemorrhoids which constantly bleed and are very painful, other minimally invasive surgical procedures are available which can be done at your doctor premises and which generally do not need an anesthetic.

Injection – sclerotherapy hemorrhoid treatment

The aim here is to shrink the hemorrhoid.

To do so your will doctor inject a chemical into the hemorrhoid, a procedure that causes very little pain but may not be as effective as rubber band litigation.

Coagulation – infrared (or laser) treatment hemorrhoid removal

This particular methodology uses infrared light (or a laser) in such a way as to cause small to medium sized internal hemorrhoids to shrivel up by cutting off the blood flow.

There are few side effects but the rate of recurrence in comparison to rubber banding is higher.

Hemorrhoidectomy hemorrhoid removal.

Hemorrhoidectomy is the wholesale surgical removal of hemorrhoids and is used only in the most severe situations when all other treatment options have failed and the worst symptoms of hemorrhoids persists.

To date, hemorrhoidectomy remains the most effective way to deal with recurring hemorrhoids.

Complications may arise however with some people experiencing infections and difficulty urinating.

Stapled hemorrhoidectomy (aka stapled hemorrhoidopexy)

Stapling (or hemorrhoidectomy) is used to fix prolapsed hemorrhoids.

This where, with tremendous straining, the hemorrhoids and part of the rectum protrudes from the anus and can be seen on physical exam outside the anal verge.

Simply put, a surgical staple is used to fix the prolapsed rectum and hemorrhoid back into place.

How to Take a Sitz Bath

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